Hello, my name is Calvin, a young indie gamer (person who makes video games indipendently). here are some of my games:

First, you will need to install the RPG Maker "Run Time Package" (RTP) files: Download them here as it will be neccesary for many games!


A game made by my father that got no plays as nobody knew about is now going up here as what is technacly my first

series. I didn't make the first pony express game, but I plan to make more.

This game is playable on this website


This is my first game that came out of an original idea. It takes place during 2135 in the land of Lenkas.

A land while as technologically advanced as the rest of the world, is quite old fashioned, as they still fight

with swords, and use bicycles for transportation.(It may just be pollution free exersise now, but then it's

extremly old fashioned). You and your sister Rosa go on a tour to Cordania city's mineshaft during your first

week in town, just to find someone trying to steal a rair mineral to make a time machine, stop his master from

overthrowing the builder of Cordania, ruling Lenkas, killing your parents, and taking over time itself!

Try Out Time Travel In Lenkas Now!

Shout out to Pokemon Essentials, they're so great and they made alot of these games possible to make! Link if you want to make your own pokemon games

Pokemon Cementria

Added items in this version:

click here to download the second Pokemon Cementria Demo

Added items in this version:

Click here to download the original Pokemon Cementria Demo

Pokemon Gymleader OMEGA