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Pony Express:

Pony Express is a short horse jumping game which is the first in what will hopefully become a big series. All you have to do is reach the end before the time runs out.

Platforms: Pc, Mac, Linux, Chromebook(HTML)

Developer: Phragomax

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Pony Express 2:

This game has a story mode, and a multiplayer mode, along with better graphics!

Platforms: Pc, Mac, Linux, Chromebook(HTML).

Developer: Calvinbrine

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Time Travel In Lenkas:

This is my first game that came out of an original idea. It takes place during 2135 in the land of Lenkas. A land while as technologically advanced as the rest of the world, is quite old fashioned, as they still fight with swords, and use bicycles for transportation.(It may just be pollution free exersise now, but then it's extremly old fashioned). You and your sister Rosa go on a tour to Cordania city's mineshaft during your first week in town, just to find someone trying to steal a rair mineral to make a time machine, stop his master from overthrowing the builder of Cordania, ruling Lenkas, killing your parents, and taking over time itself!

Platforms: Pc, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, Ios, Android(HTML)

Developer: Calvinbrine

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Time Travel In Lenkas 2:

Certainly not like the original, this one is an open world environment, you can even skip the first level until you find everything you need to continue to the boss of the area! This game takes place a month or so after the first Time Travel in Lenkas. You go on a quest to find materials to build a time machine so you can pursue the overlord to make him pay for his crimes. However, near the end, it becomes less about justice, and more about saving your own, and everyone in lenkas' skin.

Platforms: Pc, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, Ios, Android(HTML)

Developer: Calvinbrine

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Bowshot Zero:

This is a topdown action adventure game that is fun to play. You're name is Asher Jones, you live in a small group of towns known as one city, Hazen ciy in the middle of nowhere. The towns population has been draining drasticly, due to 7 disasters: Overpower thunderstorms in the forest, Blizzards in the mountains, Wildfires in the hills, Earthquakes in the desert, Tornadoes on the cost of the ocean, Meteor showers in the dried lake, and plague everywhere. Since you're the only one with weapon experience ever since your dad died, as you are a hunter who feeds the town, you must go stop it. This is because it seems to be a machine or something super natural causing this, so a person must go, and your city has no milatary. Leaving you. Good luck

Platforms: Pc

Developer: Calvinbrine




Enjoy a 3d experience, walking up and down a hill. And navigating a winding maze of trees while in your car going top speed.

Platforms: Pc

Developer: Calvinbrine

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Enjoy being in a raft, in a river, avoiding rocks, trying to reach the finish like on time. Avoid the rocks, or you're time will go down faster,

Platforms: Pc, Mac, Linux, Chromebook

Developer: Calvinbrine

(sorry, this game was taken down)


You're a security guard in a genetics laboratory that just had an incident that caused spiders to grow huge. Everyone except you evacuated and they are waiting for you to leave to blow up the lab so they can kill the spidera. You are holed up on the top floor, get down to the bottum so they can save everyone!

Platforms: Pc

Developer: Calvinbrine

(Sorry this game is a day late, I was unavailible during the original launch date)

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